Dispo-Foam for Plaster Rooms

The patient cleanser of choice for Plaster Rooms

A single use patient cleansing sponge designed to soothe and moisturise dry & tender skin following cast removal.

Dispo-Foam is ideal for use in Plaster Rooms when patients need effective low cost cleansing and skin moisturising after cast removal to stop them wanting to scratch dry and tender skin.

Cleansing the limb with Dispo-Foam will ensure efficient skin hygiene and will sooth dry and tender skin thus minimizing the desire to scratch.

Being Ph neutral and latex free makes Dispo-Foam safe for people with pre existing skin disorders such as eczema and dermatitis, it also contains an emollient that can nourish fragile and sensitive skin.

Dispo-Foam will not sting the eyes or mucus membranes.

Safe and gentle for use on children and babies.

Dispo-Foam is not a soap and leaves no residue and so requires no rinsing. Simply towel dry.