Brushes description

Channel Cleaning Brushes

Disposable Instrument cleaning brushes have twisted stainless steel handles and antimicrobial bristles. Now with a protective blue tip.  Latex free. Sold non-sterile.

Precision Brush

An ideal brush for the quick removal of difficult debris, the Batrik Reusable Precision Brush can also easily clean deep into instrument jaws. Although the firm and durable bristles feel like stainless steel, there is absolutely no risk of instrument damage or personal injury.

16cm long (handle 12cm, bristles 4cm)

3 per pack

Code: 50-40-800

Scope & Endoscopic Cleaning Brush

BATRIK has developed a cost-effective channel brush that can be used for cleaning endoscopes for an entire day.

  • Significant per use savings when compared to re-usable or disposable channel cleaning brushes
  • Soft tip ensures easy manipulation within the channel with no risk of damage
  • Sealed back-end prevents fluid from getting trapped inside the tube
  • Softened back-end also prevents damage if the cleaning brush is used in reverse
  • The volume of bristles is 20mm in length - almost double most other brushes - which provides more * surface contact during the cleaning process
  • Brush head is electronically welded and will NOT separate from the sheath
  • Can be steam sterilized
  • Tested to effectively clean up to 10 scopes
  • Packaging: box of 50
  • Latex free

Toothbrush style Brushes

Sturdy plastic handle.  7" length.  3 Brushes per pack.

Latex free. Sold non-sterile.

Three rows of bristles in either nylon, brass or stainless steel.

  • Brass: 29-70050
  • Nylon: 28-272550
  • Stainless Steel: 29-72550

Double Ended Toothbrush style

Sturdy plastic handle with nylon bristles.  7" length.  3 Brushes per pack.

Three rows of bristles on large end and one row of bristles on the small end.

Valve Cleaning Brushes

BATRIK's valve / control cleaning brushes are available in a variety of sizes and styles to meet your unique needs.

  • Higher density of bristles
  • No sharp edges
  • Single-use or reusable options available
  • Latex free

Flat Brushes

BATRIK'S new line of reusable / autaclavable flat brushes are especially designed for effective pre-cleaning of a wide range of surgical instruments.

Available in four grades of hardness, ranging from Ultra Rigid to Ultra Flexible

  • Transparent polyamide fibers ensure high bristle quality and allow for quick verification of its cleanliness
  • The plastic used to create the handle enables elimination and ashing without the release of toxic components
  • Ergonomically designed for a comfortable hand grip
  • Rigid and Flexible brushes are also available in single use / day brush versions
  • Latex free


  • Extra-Rigid Flat Brush

    Extra Rigid

    Instrument-safe polyamide fibres offer steel-like rigidity and allows deep cleaning of soiled instruments, particularly in grooved or uneven surfaces.

  • Rigid Flat Brush


    The rigidity of this brush, along with the length of the bristles and handle improves and simplifies instrument cleaning.

  • Flexible Flat Brush


    This brush is designed for large instruments that require a more gentle cleaning application, such as, optics, plastics or hard to reach spots which are easier to clean using a flexible bristle.

  • Single Flat Brushes

    Rigid and Flexible

    Single / day use flat brushes.

  • Extra-flexible Flat Brush

    Extra Flexible

    The very long bristles eliminate any stress during sanitisation, and makes this the ideal brush for fragile instruments (optics, etc.) as well as both pliable and rigid endoscopes. The length of the bristles assist in cleaning areas that would otherwise be difficult to reach with shorter bristles, such as the accessory channel or tip deflection of pliable endoscopes.